People always try to put artists in a box and label them as "Pop" singers, "R&B" singers, etc. Many  adopt the cliche response, "You can't put me in a box. My style is original." If you ask me, I'll say, "I am an artist." I can't predict what I will write next, its not a planned thing. Music just comes to me naturally, whether it be an unconventional song or a country tune, it is art. My passion for music allows me to appreciate and respect all art forms and at the end of the day music is music; the thing that motivates, and drives me.

     Artists such as Donnie Hathaway excite me because you can feel his soul through his music.

     Lauren Hill's music marries intellect, truth, pen, paper and melody to lyrics and you can not help but feel powerful when listening to her songs.

       Michael Jackson alone has forever changed the world of music. Needless to say, his music holds longevity. It is timeless, classic and simply beautiful.

     Mary J. - The rawness of Mary's voice is unique to me. There is something in her tone that makes you feel her vulnerability.

     Prince and the genius that is Prince... his originality and creative boldness makes his music stand out.

                                                  -I could go on and on like Ms. Badu.

My Personal Biography


      "Beautiful" melody. "Relatable" lyrics. "Lush" harmony. "Real" instrumentation. "Raw" vocals. "Driving" rhythms. "Bold" delivery."Originality". "Longevity"...

     -In my opinion; all the above are adjectives that make up this thing that we call music. Music is all around us. We live it, we hear it, we see it we feel it, we make it, we breathe it... Simply put, music makes the world go round'.

     Consciously, I would like to believe that music has always been a part of who I am. I just don't remember birthing my gift at age six, when I performed my very first solo. Since then, music has been calling me, demanding my attention and I refuse to disappoint her.